TCM Photography has been treading in un-chartered waters, riding on the wave of a new era by learning how to capture the essence of a move of God. Ministries across this country, both of small and enormous size, call on TCM to cover their events. This division of photography requires more than just a calling, but the necessity to be chosen! Being sensitive to the spirit of God and knowing how to flow with the anointing discreetly, without interrupting the move of God, is our trademark. From brokenness to triumph, TCM Photography has managed to capture the essence of a moment in a flash that will never be forgotten. TCM Photography now offers more of what you love with the unveiling of its new service called KINGDOM PAPARAZZI.

Having a move of God take place and not having it documented is a travesty! Most photographers possess the ability to provide photographic images depicting your event. But only Kingdom Paparazzi will utilize spiritual creativity and sensitivity to discreetly capture moment-by-moment results of the move of God without interruption. In fact, Kingdom Paparazzi guarantees these shots!

KINGDOM PAPARAZZI is a fresh and innovative team that strictly focuses on the art of ministry photography. Our team of innovative, highly skilled professional photographers is anointed to capture climactic highlights of any event. With unmatched photographic vibrancy and clarity, TCM, one of the nation's highly recognized Photography Companies, is based in New York and unleashes KINGDOM PAPARAZZI as your new multi-faceted investment opportunity. With the experience and sniper-like precision of the Kingdom Paparazzi lens men, each still shot is personified.

Kingdom Paparazzi recognizes the triune relationship of lens, camera and the photographer, as the conductor and will achieve the desired overall effect. It is not just the act of “taking pictures” that matters, but it is the anointing that makes the difference. The charisma, creativity and wisdom of the conductor utilizing the equipment to produce excellent results is necessary, but the anointing is vital to successfully capture the moments. Nothing is more memorable than an encounter with God, and no one is more qualified to capture these priceless moments than Kingdom Paparazzi.